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dreamGEAR Shows iPod, Zune, PSP Speakers

DreamGEAR returns to International CES with its i.Sound line of portable and affordable iPod and PSP speaker accessories at booths 13738 and 7959 in the Central Hall.

The i.Sound line provides devices that are compatible with all iPod models, the Zune, PSP, as well as SanDisk and all other MP3 players, CD players and audio devices with a standard headphone jack.

The i.Sound Concert 2 Go is a multipurpose device that combines an iPod speaker system with an AM/FM radio and alarm clock with wake-me-to-music function that allows users to set the alarm with music from their iPod. The i.Sound Concert 2 Go retails for $149.

The i.Sound Time Travel is an ultra-compact and portable iPod speaker system featuring an alarm clock that users can set to wake them up with music from their iPod. The unit has more than 60 hours of battery life andcarries a suggested retail is $49.99.

The i.Sound Plasma uses a plasma globe that sits above the speakers and contains a color lightshow that reacts to the beat of the music. The i.Sound Plasma combines high-quality sound with a visual display and a suggested retail of $149.