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DPI To Show Titan LED Projector Model

DENVER — Digital Projection International (DPI) travels to CEDIA Expo 2013 to unveil its Titan 3D projector using a long-life LED light source.

The Titan 1080p LED 3D projector is billed as an “industry first,” offering with 2,000 lumen output, three-chip 1080p DLP performance and LED lighting offering advanced luminance, color performance and bit depth.

The projector features DPI’s “world premier Lifetime Illumination LED system,” and is said yield excellent black levels and support for current and future color standards.

Michael Bridwell, DPI marketing director, said, “The benefits of LED illumination vs. lamp illumination are widely known — unrivalled color performance, lower overall cost of ownership, less heat and noise produced, no worries of lamp replacement and more. Equally as compelling are the advantages to three-chip DLP/LED over single-chip DLP/LED displays.”

“The color gamut produced by a three-chip LED display is up to two times as broad as single-chip DLP/ LED projector,” he continued. “In fact, with DMDs dedicated to each primary color, as opposed to sequential display of R, G and B primary colors, the Titan 1080p LED simultaneously produces higher bit depth, higher color saturation and much higher brightness than single- chip DLP/LED projectors.”

DPI called the Titan 1080p LED 3D “the only LED-illuminated three-chip DLP solution available.”

“Just as DPI brought the first lamp-illuminated three-chip DLP projector to market, the new Titan LED 3D delivers an altogether distinct entertainment solution, with added benefits, for custom integrators,” Bridwell said.

Key LED benefits involve advanced bit depth, color saturation and grayscale noise, in addition to low heat, long-term color stability vs. lamp illumination, and the absence of lamp maintenance and replacement.

The Titan LED 3D also provides a value mode for integrators, Bridwell said.

“Custom integrators want to deliver an awe-inspiring experience to their clients that set them apart from the big box stores of the world,” he said.

“However, the complexities and consumables sometimes associated with high-end, two-piece projector solutions have made integrators wary in today’s market.”

He said that because the Titan LED 3D eliminates the risk of bulb failure and unbalanced image performance, integrators can enjoy long-term peace of mind and customer satisfaction.