Dolby3D To Be Presented At NAB Show

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Las Vegas -

Dolby Labs

and Royal Philips Electronics said they will present at next week's NAB Show here new Dolby3D -- a 3D HD format and suite of technologies designed to deliver FullHD 3D content to 3D-enabled devices, including glasses-free displays.

 "Philips has a long history in 3D technologies and video innovation, and Dolby has a proven track record of enabling technologies to enhance entertainment experiences," said Ruud Peters,


chief intellectual property officer. "Together, we identified a business need where we could bring a unique offering to the market that improves the end-user experience."

The joint project members said they are working on ways to improve the 3D viewing experience on displays of all sizes, including smartphones, tablets, PCs and televisions.

Dolby 3D is billed as "a complete system designed to work throughout the chain to deliver clear glasses-free 3D content that operates over existing distribution systems."

Ramzi Haidamus, Dolby Labs sales and marketing executive VP, stated, "We believe that Dolby 3D can help drive the adoption of 3D -- creating a comfortable, customizable, truly enjoyable glasses-free 3D viewing experience while enhancing 3D display performance. Armed with the innovative glasses-free 3D display technology from Philips, based on years of extensive research and development in the field, we plan to bring the same philosophy to 3D that Dolby has brought to the audio space -- integrating our technologies and strengths throughout the entire content chain. Consumers will know that when they see Dolby 3D content on a 3D-enabled device, it will look its very best."

"Dolby and Philips are committed to taking the 3D experience to the next level and delivering a high-quality solution for all 3D display devices, including today's glasses-based devices and tomorrow's glasses-free displays. Working on cutting-edge technology with two leading companies is very exciting, and I'm thrilled to lead this unique joint effort," said Guido Voltolina, joint project general manager.

The focus of the project will be to work with original equipment manufacturers of display panels and entertainment devices to enhance the performance 3D consumer devices to make viewing as convenient and comfortable as viewing a regular 2D display, a statement from the project members said.

The project's mission is to influence the industry's adoption of 3D by working on standardization and licensing of the technology.

The Dolby 3D experience is being designed to seamlessly integrate into the use cases and viewing patterns of consumers on the go and in the home.

Content owners and broadcast operators will be able to differentiate their offerings by encoding 3D titles in Dolby 3D for maximum fidelity on Dolby 3D-enabled devices while maintaining compatibility with existing 3D products, the statement said.

The system will enable a 3D HD format, including tools for 3D content creation and real-time 3D content conversion.


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