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Dolby Digital Plus Poised For Cellular Streaming

Emeryville, Calif.


, which supplies TV streaming
services over cellular, is gearing up to deliver video content in Dolby Digital
Plus surround sound over cellular and Wi-Fi.

The company said
it will integrate Dolby Digital Plus into its existing DRM-protected content-delivery
platform to spur the delivery of live and on-demand TV programs and other video
content in surround sound across multiple consumer platforms, including cellphones
and tablets as well as PCs and Internet-connected consumer electronics devices
such as TVs.

MobiTV is the

exclusive national provider

of cellular-delivered mobile-TV services for the AT&T U-verse Live TV, NFL
Mobile on Verizon, Sprint TV, T-Mobile TV, Telus Mobile TV and US Cellular
Mobile TV services, among others.

For years, the
company has enabled cellular carriers to offer live-TV and on-demand video services
over cellular, but late last year, MobiTV announced an end-to-end TV Everywhere
solution that enables cable, satellite and IPTV service providers to offer live
and on-demand programming to mobile devices for viewing inside and outside of
the house.

Key features of
MobiTV’s TV Everywhere solution include the ability to pause, resume and
transfer live programming between devices, allowing for place-shifting as well
as time shifting. Users can record on any platform and view the recorded
content on any platform, the company explained.