D&M Plans 70-SKU Launch, New Categories

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Mahwah, N.J. - The Boston Acoustics, Denon and Marantz brands will ship more than 70 new audio products in the next six months and enter new lifestyle-oriented categories, parent company D&M Holdings announced.

The number of new products, combined with innovation and quality, "will set the stage for a true reinvigoration of our brands," said Brian Poggi, D&M's sales and marketing president for the Americas.

D&M will expand "the reach of Boston Acoustics, Denon and Marantz to encompass a wide variety of exciting new lifestyle-oriented offerings, including headphones and other innovative dock speaker solutions," a company statement said. Specifically, a spokesperson told TWICE, Denon will revamp and expand its selection of headphones, Denon and Marantz will launch their first docking-speaker systems, and Boston Acoustics will expand its docking-speaker lineup, which consists of one model with wireless subwoofer. Boston Acoustics also offers a one-piece tabletop radio with dock.

Poggi said the company will triple its brand and product marketing investment in 2012 "to transform how our brands are perceived in the marketplace as well as generate a new level of positive brand awareness to motivate customers and encourage sales." He added, "With so many differentiated products reaching the marketplace, we will be giving our retail partners an opportunity to offer their customers the tailored lifestyle solutions that are perfect for them."

All three brands, however, "will also continue to serve consumers and custom integrators with the high-performance core products, including audio/video receivers and loudspeakers, that have defined them through the years," D&M added.


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