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DivX Plus Set As Free Download

Diego – DivX said Tuesday that it is now making the latest version
of its flagship video software package, DivX Plus, available as a free download
for Windows 7, Vista and XP on the

company’s Web site


DivX Plus is said
to have been completely redesigned using an uncluttered and easy-to-use
interface for the playback of DivX video on the desktop and in the browser,
including DivX Plus HD video, which supports up to 1080p HD H.264-based videos
in the popular MKV file format.

The DivX Plus
software package includes four individual products: the DivX Plus Player, the
DivX Plus Web Player, the DivX Plus Codec Pack and the DivX Plus Converter.

The DivX Plus
Player includes the new DivX To Go feature, which easily transfers videos from
the computer to any of the 250 million DivX devices that have shipped worldwide
from major brands, including DVD players, Blu-ray players, digital televisions,
gaming consoles and mobile phones.

Key features of
the DivX Plus software package include:

  • easy video transfer
    to DivX Certified devices;

  • broad playback

  • support for DivX
    and DivX Plus HD Web video streaming with surround sound and subtitles through
    standard HTTP servers and JavaScript programming as a plug-in for Google
    Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari;

  • MKV streaming to
    gaming consoles; and

  • high-quality
    video conversion.