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Distributors See Several Profit Areas For Second Half

NEW YORK — Distributors are seeing opportunities in a variety of categories as the calendar reaches the midway point of the year.

TV pricing and profitability are either holding steady or sliding slightly, depending upon whom you speak with, but are not plunging, which is a blessing. And speaking of TVs, while Ultra High-Definition or 4K TVs are premium priced now and just rollout out at retail, distributors said that early adopters know what’s coming and they will create a buzz at retail.

What is also going to create a buzz at retail are new game consoles that do so much more than just play games, from Sony and Microsoft. Distributors interviewed for the exclusive TWICE virtual roundtable agreed that these new systems will reinvigorate the market in the second half.

While smartphones and tablets are all the rage, the money is still made on the accessories, distributors reported. There are a wide range of accessories for any operating system, and they should continue to be profitable traffic builders during the second half.

Samsung departments at Best Buy have not gone unnoticed by distributors. Whether you think of this as a new trend in the industry — or a revival of similar approaches from years gone by — distributor execs agreed that it is a positive approach that will help educate and expose products to consumers, and build sales.

And those distributors that are also in the major appliance business are seeing steady sales and profits return as housing sales finally revive.

As for the CE business, our “virtual roundtable” based on questions submitted by TWICE via email begins below.