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DisplaySearch Slates TV Supply Forum

DisplaySearch will investigate how the downturn in the economy has hit the TV industry during its 2008 U.S. TV Supply Chain Conference at the Hilton San Diego Resort June 5-6.

Among the issues to be discussed at the event are:

  • Demand for panels used in flat-panel TV products remains high, but do TV brands have the same rosy outlook for end-user demand?
  • Which products and channels stand to lose the most from a slowdown in U.S. consumer spending?
  • Is a TV price war imminent?
  • What changes in TV product mix should retailers contemplate for the holiday shopping season?
  • What trends will impact the 2009 TV market? How will they affect brand and retailer strategies?
  • Will second- and third-tier merchant brands receive adequate allocations of panels from panel makers this year to fulfill demand, and if so will it be at a lower price than captive internal brands?
  • With flat-panel TVs no longer a novelty, what will be the drivers of value and profitability in the coming years?

DisplaySearch analysts will delve into all parts of the supply chain to look for opportunities, and leading companies will present the best practices that enable them to succeed. The conference will also look to the future of TV development and at technologies that may redefine what a TV is and how advances can help both brands and retailers keep up with consumer trends.

The event brings together members of the entire TV supply chain, providing an opportunity to discuss TV supply chain trends, including efficiency improvements, best-known methods to increase margins, opportunities for profits and a view of the future.