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DisplaySearch: Samsung Takes Top Q2 ’09 LCD TV Market Share

Austin, Texas – Second-quarter global sales of
television displays nearly mirrored those from Q1 as revenue dropped 12 percent
year to year to $23.7 billion and unit shipments dipped almost 8 percent year
to year to 44.6 million units, according to DisplaySearch’s just released Quarterly Global TV Shipment and Forecast

In the quarter, LCD TVs
continued to show strong unit sales growth, but other display technologies
showed year-to-year declines, the firm said.

Revenue from all display
types was down however, as average selling prices continue to drop during the
economic downturn.

Globally, flat-panel TV
share jumped from 68 percent in Q1 ’09 to 74 percent in Q2 ’09 as LCD TV price
erosion continued at the same annual pace as Q1 ’09, falling 22 percent year to
year on average.

LCD TV market share
increased from 62 percent, to 67 percent, with strong acceptance in China as
residents make the switch from old CRTs, DisplaySearch said.

North American market share
for LCD also rose behind “better-than-expected sell-through,” according to the

Despite tight supply
conditions for LCD panels in Q2 ’09, LCD TV shipment growth stayed on pace with
Q1 ’09, rising 27 percent year to year to 30 million units, although revenues
fell 1 percent.

Plasma market share increased
about half a percent, to 7 percent, while CRT share plummeted from 32 percent,
to 26 percent, on a unit basis, with both North America and China achieving
record shipment levels.

“LCD TV market growth
remains impressive, gaining market share from incumbent technologies like CRT
at a quickening pace despite higher prices and a tight supply situation in Q2 ’09,”
stated Paul Gagnon, DisplaySearch North American TV market research director.
“Advanced technologies like high-frame-rate LCDs and 1080p resolutions also
continued to increase in market share as the price premium narrows, even in
these tough economic times.”

America took back the top position among global regions for TV
shipments on a unit basis, reaching more than 10 million units shipped for the

In China, unit
shipments fell 10 percent quarter to quarter and 14 percent year to year,
mostly on a large decline in CRT TV unit volume that wasn’t fully covered by
the LCD growth.

Europe continued to experience weakness, with total units
declining 3 percent year to year, and was overtaken for the No. 3 market
position by the Asia Pacific.

On a brand
basis, Samsung remained the global brand share leader in revenues for the 14th
straight quarter, rising to a record revenue share of 23 percent while hitting
a record unit share of 18.2 percent. LGE was second after surpassing Sony in Q1
’09, and taking a slight increase in revenue share to 13.7 percent with small
share gains in both LCD and plasma offsetting a decline in CRT share. Sony was
third worldwide in revenues, after losing just over a point of market share.

According to
DisplaySearch, Samsung reclaimed the top LCD unit share position from Vizio in North America.

Vizio dropped
into second place on a unit basis in LCD TV, but continued to see strong growth
from a year ago with distribution in the growing discount channels like Walmart,
DisplaySearch said.

Funai, which
includes the Philips and Magnavox brand in North America,
surpassed Sony and rose to third place, having the strongest quarter-to-quarter
unit growth among the top five North American LCD TV brands.

said Funai is prospering from close strategy alignment with discount channels
and more frugal consumers.

Worldwide TV Shipments by Technology (000s)

Source: DisplaySearch Quarterly
Global TV Shipment and Forecast Report