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DisplaySearch Charts Q4 Rise In 3D Panels

Santa Clara, Calif. – Shipments of global 3D LCD TV panels spiked
to 7.8 million in the fourth quarter of 2011, up 26 percent from the previous
quarter, according to a study issued Wednesday by



As a result, total 3D TV panel shipments in 2011 reached 21.2
million, accounting for 10 percent of all LCD TV panels shipped, according to
the firm’s Quarterly Large-Area TFT LCD Shipment Report – Advanced LED + 3D.

Panel makers are targeting very strong growth of 138 percent for
2012, which would lead to 3D LCD TV panel shipments of 50 million units, for a
penetration rate of 21.6 percent of all LCD TV panels shipped.

“As brands continue to promote 3D, end-user awareness and
interest is growing. While there are still concerns about the lack of 3D
content and services, as well as end-users’ needs, LCD TV panel makers have
pushed 3D capability via lower prices and the introduction of new, cost-effective
technologies,” noted David Hsieh, DisplaySearch Greater China market VP. “Many
TV brands have started to list 3D as a basic feature for their models above a
certain level. This, along with reduction in 3D panel premiums, will be the
main driver for 3D penetration in TV panels. Meanwhile, improvements in
patterned retarder film manufacturing and lamination stability will increase
output through yield rate enhancement.”

According to the report, shutter glass technology use is still
larger than film patterned retarder technology, with 6.2 percent penetration in
total LCD TV panel shipments in 2011, with patterned retarder accounting for
3.9 percent.

According to the NPD DisplaySearch estimates of panel makers’
shipment targets, 2012 penetration rates will increase to 11.6 percent for
shutter glass type and 10 percent for pattern retarder type.

In addition to TV, panel makers are aggressively promoting 3D
monitor panels, especially for consumer entertainment and gaming PCs.

In 3D LCD monitor panels, pattern retarder manufacturers are more
aggressive than shutter glass makers. Panel makers are targeting shipments of
more than 1.5 million per quarter from Q2’12 onward. This is up from 235K in