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Display Development Unveils Digital Film Projector Pair

Batavia, N.Y. — Display Development introduced two compact True Cinema video projectors on Monday — the Digital Film 4 (DF4) and Digital Film 5 (DF5), both of which offer an optional 3D upgrade, 10,000-lumen Xenon lamp and 28-inch-deep chassis.

Both models are available to Display Development installers and dealers now at an $89,000 suggested retail for the Digital Film 4 and $80,000 for the Digital Film 5.

Jim Burns, Display Development co-founder and president, said both models are suitable for use in bright rooms with acoustically transparent screens.

The Digital Film systems utilize the superior 16-bit processing required by the Digital Cinema Initiative for True Cinema Projectors.

Xenon lamps used in the projector offer consistent brightness, extending color gamut and improved image fidelity with wider dynamics and color fidelity than two- or four-lamp UHP systems.

The projectors afford a variety of installation options, along with ability to process 3D images from DCI servers (when available), as well as 3D Blu-ray Discs.

Both models include Display Development’s VP-100 video processor and Smart Cooling System. The DF4 uses a VariScope lens allowing for multiple screen memories without the need of an anamorphic lens, while the DF5 is paired with a fixed image width lens.

Other features in both units include the following:

• 16-bit electronics for improved dynamic range;

• 9,000 to 10,000 lumens performance from a single lamp;

• 3D upgrades available for both Dolby Cinema or active-shutter systems; and

• compact design measuring 27.1 inches wide by 15.6 inches high by 27.4 inches deep.