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Atlanta - The

Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment

is unveiling at this week's CEDIA Expo the Disney WOW World of Wonder Disc, offering an easy to use guide to optimally setting up High Definition (HD) home entertainment systems.

The disc, which is designed for a wide range of knowledge levels - from beginners to expert custom installers - will be available November 2 on Blu-ray and DVD, offering a collection of valuable high quality calibration tools.

Disney said the WOW disc has been engineered to meet or exceed the Digital Reference Standard for ultra high fidelity picture and sound.

It will be offered along with exclusive content on a bonus disc, an added Disney film and a high performance HDMI cable. 

The disc offers viewers the basics of home theater alongside Disney's Goffy character, and takes them through basic instructions for maximizing home theater performance through on-screen menus.

The disc packaging also includes an illustrated handbook.  The Disney WOW disc is comprehensive and applicable to everything from flat panel displays and OLED screens to projection equipment and CRT based TV sets, as well as multiple sound formats ranging from Stereo to 7.1 Channel Surround.

A total of 35 A/V calibration and evaluation tools are included for beginners, advanced and expert home theater enthusiasts. Beginner tools are designed for ease of use in the proper alignment of home theater equipment.                                                                 

The Advanced section contains A/V addresses professional evaluation and calibration tasks for specific monitors, displays, and projectors. Illustrations in the included 56 page booklet and the on-screen guide provide clear examples of properly and improperly calibrated A/V test patterns.

Also included on the disc are the following:

·         Pixel Flipper - Exercises all of the pixels on the screen, to eliminate "burn-in" and "stuck" pixels.

·         Viewing Angle Diagnostic -Determines viewing angles on the owner's monitor.

·         The Video Encoder Stress Test - Pushes the limits of a professional video encoding system by presenting video encoding challenges running simultaneously on the screen, allowing viewers to compare results to the WOW Benchmark Reference.

·         Direct Access - Enables experienced users to bypass the regular menus and go to a list of all A/V Tools where they can access the tool of their choice directly.

·         The Disney WOW World of Wonder disc will be presented in several packaged configurations with either a single disc version or a two (2) disc version available.

·         The two disc packaging features two discs: the WOW instructional A/V calibration and demonstration disc, which includes clips from Disney titles including "Toy Story," "UP," "Bolt" and "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End," and, as special added content, an exclusive disc called "VISIONS: Inspired by Nature," featuring natural and digitally created landscapes with original music scores and ambient sounds.

The Disney WOW disc will be available in a variety of packages including the following:

The Disney WOW World of Wonder DVD ($30 suggested retail); The Disney WOW World of Wonder Blu-ray Disc ($35);  the Disney WOW World of Wonder DVD packaged with the Visions: Inspired by Nature bonus disc ($35).

The Disney WOW World of Wonder Blu-ray packaged with the Visions: Inspired by Nature bonus disc ($40); e

All will street on November 2, with and October 5 pre-book date.

Pricing and street dates are still to be determined for the following product bundles:

Disney Home Theater Value Pack (WOW DVD + HDMI Cable); Disney Home Theater Value Pack (WOW Blu-ray + HDMI Cable); Disney Home Theater Starter Pack (WOW DVD + Disney Movie DVD + HDMI cable); and Disney Home Theater Starter Pack (WOW Blu-ray + Disney Movie Blu-ray + HDMI cable).


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