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Dish Takes Sub Hit

Englewood Colo. — Dish Network continued to see a decline in subscriber count for the fourth consecutive quarter, including the quarter just ended March 31, but still managed a 2.1 percent increase in total revenue, to $2.91 billion, over the same period a year ago.

The satellite-TV service reported a decline of approximately 94,000 net subscribers during the quarter, giving the company approximately 13.584 million total subscribers.

Dish posted net income of $312.7 million, up from $258.6 million a year earlier.

Dish Network’s churn rate rose to 1.83 percent, from 1.68 percent in the previous quarter.

Meanwhile, EchoStar, the electronics hardware company that spun off from Dish at the start of 2008, posted a 14 percent first-quarter decline in total revenue, at $479.5 million, from the same year-ago period.

The company had a net loss of $645,000, compared with year-earlier income of $5.7 million. The prior-year results included $12.8 million in write-down.