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DISH Replaces Local Cable System

Center, Colo. — EchoStar has joined forces with a RadioShack franchise retailer, here, to convert approximately 600 municipally owned cable customers to the DISH Network satellite TV service.

The town of Center, located in rural south central Colorado, voted June 28 to shut down its city-run cable TV service Aug. 15, rather than pay exorbitant fees to upgrade its 20-year-old cable plant.

Center Mayor Adeline Sanchez said the municipal cable system was faced with a $500,000 investment to maintain and update its facilities.

“By switching to DISH Network, our cable customers will get about three times as many channels, digital picture and sound, and, for the first time, access to high-definition television and digital video recorders,” she said.

The town reached an agreement with InterMountain First Aid and Safety, which is a local RadioShack franchise dealer, enabling the municipality to “make money for each resident that becomes a DISH Network subscriber,” Sanchez said. “That’s a huge benefit when the alternative is managing a cable TV system that is draining our town’s financial resources.”

EchoStar sent a fleet of DISH Network vans to Center with hundreds of satellite TV dishes, digital video recorders (DVR) and high-definition satellite TV receivers.

“DISH Network is willing to help any municipality burdened with operating an antiquated cable TV service, creating a win-win situation that makes financial sense for the town and improves the TV entertainment value for its citizens,” said Robert Kondilas, EchoStar’s customer service VP.

The service level difference between the town’s cable operation and DISH Network is significant. DISH Network customers can take advantage of a variety of programming packages and new satellite TV technologies, including approximately 70 channels of all-digital programming, including Denver local TV channels, a set-top box and dish, all for $29.99 per month. Center Cable provided only 22 channels for $17 per month.

“We’re pleased to team with DISH Network and the town of Center to offer residents a better alternative to the cable system,” said Stephanie Steffens, owner of the InterMountain First Aid and Safety RadioShack franchise. “A team of DISH Network technicians will assist us with hundreds of installations during this very busy first month. After that, we’ll take the reins, providing long-term support for Center residents.”