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DISH Offers Money-Back Guarantee

Englewood, Colo — EchoStar is offering new subscribers a money-back guarantee that will allow them try DISH Network risk-free 30 days, while promising a refund if they are not completely satisfied.

The offer is available to new customers who sign up for the service’s Digital Home Advantage 18-month agreement. EchoStar said it will refund the activation fee, monthly programming fees, monthly DVR fees and any equipment lease fees if a customer elects to cancel service within the first 30 days. Not included in the refund promise are equipment upgrade fees, special installation fees, pay-per-view or DISH On Demand purchases.

“We are the only satellite TV provider in the country that offers a money-back guarantee, which is a testament to the confidence we have in the quality of our product,” said Jody Martin, DISH Network marketing senior VP.

The promotion will run until June 30.