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Dish Kicks Off ‘Talk Boston’ Campaign

Englewood, Colo. — Dish Monday kicked off its “Talk Boston” advertising campaign, designed to remind consumers to take advantage of the iPad 2 summer offer.

The Dish campaign and accompanying website feature vocab lessons, an interactive test, a tweet translator and several videos. Viewers across the nation are invited to learn how to “Talk Boston” – or as a Boston native might say, “Tack Bahstin.”

Through a special summer “awfa,” Dish subscribers are given the choice of an iPad 2 instead of first-year programming discounts when they sign up for the Hopper Whole-Home HD DVR and a qualified programming package.

Using the iPad, new customers will benefit from a comprehensive TV anywhere experience (Dish Anywhere) driven by the Hopper entertainment platform. The promotion runs through Sept. 18, 2013. has several Boston-English interactive features, including:

• Boston-English Vocabulary Resource: Pronounced by Dish’s Boston Guys, Boston-English translations of common vocabulary words, such as “awfa” (“offer”), “bahgan” (“bargain”), and “fadaze” (“for days”).

• Talk Boston Test: Players race against the clock or friends to decipher dozens of words spelled in Boston English.

• Talk Boston Tweet Translator: First-of-its-kind translator which automatically turns tweets into Boston English.

• “Boston as a Second Language” Class Videos: Led by a native Bostonian instructor fluent in Boston English: Kahkeez, Hoppa, Escalayta vs. Stayas, are a few videos of the series that follows students as they learn the nuances of the Boston accent.

In addition to the website, the campaign includes a collection of social videos with notable Boston celebrities making appearances, including current New England Patriot Vince Wilfork.