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DISH Adds Documentaries

Englewood, Co. — EchoStar said it has added The Documentary Channel (DOC), a 24-hour network dedicated exclusively to independent documentary film, to its DISH Network.

The channel is available to customers who subscribe to at least America’s Top 60 programming package on channel 197.

The Documentary Channel presents commercial-free documentary films spanning all genres, including many titles making their worldwide television premieres.

“With the phenomenal recent box office success of films such as, ‘March of the Penguins,’ ‘Winged Migration’ and ‘SuperSize Me,’ our launch coincides with the height of the documentary genre’s popularity,” said Tom Neff, DOC CEO said in a statement. “Today is a great day for documentary filmmakers and documentary fans. There’s finally a place on the dial that’s ‘all-docs-all-the-time’ – a 24/7 documentary film festival – and it’s now available to over 12 million subscribers thanks to DISH Network.”

Highlights of The Documentary Channel’s February launch month include:

“WACO: Rules of Engagement” – an Academy Award-nominated documentary about the stand-off between the Branch Davidians, under the leadership of David Koresh, and the FBI and ATF in Waco, Texas.

“HAACK: THE KING OF TECHNO” – a look into the underground world of Bruce Haack, a genius musician/inventor whose past work continues to garner recognition with time.

“HITMAN HART: Wrestling in the Shadows”— the life and career of Bret Hart recounted from his youth, through the start of his career, his years in the WWF, up to the present day.

“THE PIXIES: GOUGE”—the untold story of one of the most eccentric and influential rock groups of all time.

“KHACHATURIAN” – the life and legacy of legendary Armenian composer Aram Khachaturian is explored in this fascinating documentary portrait.