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DirecTV/TiVo DVR Getting Nat’l Rollout


DirecTV and TiVo are now
making the DirecTV TiVo DVR available to all markets
across the United States.

The new TiVo box, which began a limited rollout
to 10 DirecTV markets in December, is based on
the company’s older, standard-definition user interface,
not the newer Premiere GUI available on
other platforms.

The box also lacks a number of features available
on other DirecTV and TiVo boxes, including
IP streaming from TiVo service partners, DirecTV
multi-room DVR functionality and iOS App control,
among other things.

The set-top will, however, receive HD channels.
It is priced at $199, and will require an additional
$12 monthly service fee.

TiVo first started offering its DVR hardware and
GUI/recording service through DirecTV in 1999.

The set-top IRD/DVRs proved to be very popular
with DirecTV subscribers, but after DirecTV
was acquired by News Corp., the satellite service
opted to use DVRs manufactured by NDS, a News
Corp. sister company, eventually ending the arrangement
with TiVo in 2005.

The new DirecTV/TiVo product includes dual
tuners and a hard disk drive that can store up to
100 hours of HD or up to 400 hours of SD programming.
Features include Swivel Search, TiVo
Suggestions, WishList Recordings and Season