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DirecTV/NFL ‘Sunday Ticket’ Is $99 For HD

DirecTV subscribers who take the NFL Sunday Ticket will have to pay an extra $99 for the privilege of viewing games in high definition this season.

Under a newly announced plan called “NFL Sunday Ticket SuperFan,” NFL Sunday Ticket subscribers can pay two installments of $49.50 ($99 per season) this year to get “over 100” out-of-market NFL games in high definition.

This is in addition to the regular NFL Sunday Ticket plan, which is being offered now through an early-bird special of $219 or four installments of $54.75 for the season.

Last year, DirecTV offered the HD games to NFL Sunday Ticket subscribers at no additional charge.

In addition to high-definition games, SuperFan subscribers will have access to a number of new extras, including the “NFL Sunday Ticket Red Zone” channel, “NFL Sunday Ticket Game Mix,” and “NFL Sunday Ticket Short Cuts.”

The Red Zone channel will give viewers the day’s top action plays from around the league on one screen. This presents critical plays and scores from inside the “red zone” as they happen.

Game Mix offers up to eight different game broadcasts in standard definition on one screen.

Short Cuts offers commercial-free games showing every play in 30 minutes or less on channels 701-704. The channel will be available Sunday nights/Monday mornings starting at around midnight ET.

In addition to viewing all standard-definition NFL games from around the league on Sunday afternoons, subscribers to the prerequisite NFL Sunday Ticket package also have access to such extras as GameTracker, Fantasy Fours, Highlights-On-Demand, pre-game coaches shows, Sunday Snap, the NFL Network, preseason games in July and August on channel 212, and NFL European League games in April-June on channel 704.