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DirecTV Sweetens Sunday Ticket

El Segundo, Calif. –


said Monday it is beefing up its popular NFL Sunday Ticket package for 2010,
offering every game in HD, the Game Mix Channel and the Red Zone Channel this
year at no extra charge.

The direct-to-home TV service provider also said it is expanding
the offering to mobile devices this year through re-branded online and mobile
services called NFL Sunday Ticket To-Go.

This will include streaming video of up to 14 NFL games every
Sunday, Red Zone Channel, game highlights and detailed stats, along with new
enhancements that will enable viewing live games on an iPad, among other
devices. The mobile services package will be offered on top of the Sunday
Ticket package for five payments of $9.95.

The NFL Sunday Ticket To-Go service will allow customers to watch
games live on their mobile devices and online. 
It is available to Sunday Ticket subscribers through, and
service is compatible with PC and Mac computers, and via mobile applications
for iPads, iPhones, iPod Touches, Androids, Blackberry devices with 3G or Wi-Fi,
Palm pre/pixi and Windows Mobile devices. Apps are available from app stores or

Meanwhile, other extra services that were part of the $99 SuperFan
tier, will be offered at no extra charge to the Sunday Ticket games package
this year.

These extras include the following:

Every NFL Sunday Ticket Game in HD.

A Game Mix Channel displaying up to eight live
games at once, along with scores, clock and field position.

A Red Zone Channel showing the final yards of
every scoring drive on one dedicated HD channel.

Short Cuts showing an abbreviated version of every
NFL game without commercial interruption, airing Sunday night through Tuesday

Other features in the package include Player Tracker and
real-time Scores and Stats.

Enhancements to the service this year include improved video
quality; enhanced design; league schedules by week and team schedules, with
game-by-game results; extended stats; and for online users, new Game Mix and
picture-in-picture modes, and DVR record scheduling.

The DirecTV Sunday Ticket package is available for five payments
of $59.99.

The NFL Sunday Ticket To-Go service can be purchased for five
payments of $9.95.