DirecTV Opens NFL SundayTicket To PS3 Users

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El Segundo, Calif. -


said it is extending its NFL SundayTicket To Go offering to PlayStation3 consoles, enabling football fans without DirecTV service to access the league's weekly lineup of out-of-market televised games from around the country.

In addition, DirecTV customers in the U.S. will continue to enjoy live streaming games with NFL Sunday Ticket To-Go on more mobile platforms, including Motorola's Xoom and Samsung Galaxy tablets; Motorola's Android phones; the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch; BlackBerry devices with 3G or Wi-Fi; Palm Pre/Pixi; and other Droid-branded phones. 

The addition of Sony's PlayStation3 to the list opens the NFL offering to more customers, who for a variety of reasons are unable to subscribe to the satellite-based TV service.

DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket subscribers will get the service as part of the additional $50 NFL Sunday Ticket To-Go service. Non-DirecTV subscribers will be asked to pay about $340 a season, which adds about $5 more to the going rate for the NFL Sunday Ticket subscription.

Also new this year, DirecTV said it partnering with to launch an Fantasy Football TV app that will allow fantasy players with connected set-top boxes an opportunity to view their Fantasy Football teams and scores on TV screens while watching games.

Fans can view their fantasy lineups and review their head-to-head fantasy scores.  In addition, viewers will be able to select an onscreen "Watch Now" icon assigned to their fantasy player in order to jump directly to that player's game in progress.

Fans will also be able to tune to a new Mix Channel format for late afternoon games.  DirecTV will continue to display the eight-channel Mix when there is a full schedule of Sunday games, and when there are four or fewer games in the afternoon TV window, DirecTV will display a new four-channel mix featuring larger video cells.


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