DirecTV Offers Interactive Weather Features On TWC HD

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El Segundo, Calif. - DirecTV said Tuesday that it has ramped up interactive weather applications for the satellite-TV platform in association with The Weather Channel to the TWCs' HD programs.

The interactive services "Local on Demand" and "Local on the 8's," which started more than a year ago on TWC's standard-definition channels, have generated close to 1 billion total household impressions, DirecTV said.

In addition to offering the services in HD, DirecTV is now offering TWC VOD content 24 hours a day, seven days a week from the DirecTV on Demand platform.

The interactive weather services include:

* Alert Ticker - For certain severe weather conditions, TWC HD viewers will see the Alert Ticker appear at the bottom of their screen. The ticker provides information on current weather alerts and provides a link to the "Local On Demand" application to get more information.

* "Local on the 8s" Application - DirecTV viewers of The Weather Channel HD can now view the popular "Local on the 8s" segments for their specific locale.

Presented six times each hour at :08, :18, :28, :38, :48 and :58 minutes past the top of the hour on TWC HD, it provides current conditions, details for the day's forecast, the seven-day forecast and a regional radar map automatically for the local area.

"Local On Demand" Application - While watching TWC HD, DirecTV viewers can access a menu of interactive weather features for their ZIP code, including current conditions, the five-day forecast, regional radar maps, weather alerts and weather for up to five other cities they can "save" as favorites - all while continuing to watch live TWC HD programming on the same screen.

Additionally, DirecTV localized weather information is available for more than 40,000 ZIP code locations across the United States.

DirecTV on Demand is available at no additional charge to customers with a networked DirecTV Plus HD DVR or R22 DVR.

The service offers more than 5,000 titles - including the hottest movies in 1080p - 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

DirecTV on Demand is one of the easiest to use on-demand interfaces on television, with unique features that make navigating through titles simple and quick.


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