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DirecTV Expands A/V Service Program

El Segundo, Calif. –


said Tuesday it was teaming up with Customer Service Companies (


) to open its customer service program up
to A/V consumer electronics products beyond satellite receiving components.

The DirecTV Protection Plan Premier (PPP) will cover buyer
protection coverage and technical support not only on DirecTV equipment, but on
computers, tablets and products that can be used to view DirecTV.

“As consumers continue to use more portable devices to watch and
enjoy entertainment, media consumption in the home has evolved into a converged
solution. This service extends the value of our traditional DirecTV Protection
Plan to provide a more comprehensive and complete package offering for our
customers,” said Mike Palkovic, services and operations executive VP for
DirecTV. “Our partnership with NEW allows us to support such a comprehensive
and valuable consumer-centric service offering, and we look forward to
providing our customers with the best support possible.”

The PPP includes the traditional protection plan, which will also
remain a stand-alone offering for customers, and offers 24/7 technical support and
in-home service and coverage for power surges and failures due to normal wear
and tear for the complete DirecTV system.

The DirecTV PPP will be available starting April 19 to eligible
residential DirecTV customers for $19.99 per month and an additional $4.99 per
month for accidental damage from handling protection.

The DirecTV PPP provides protection, technical support, and
in-home or repair facility service for all covered home technology used to
support the DirecTV viewing experience, the company said.

Under the program, technical support is also offered on mobile
devices should a customer experience issues related to DirecTV programming.

In addition, DirecTV customers can add accidental damage from handling
coverage to their plan to protect select portable products from unintentional
and unexpected repairs due to spills, drops and cracked screens.

The PPP also includes product protection for devices including plasma,
LED and LCD TVs; tablets; desktops, netbooks and laptops; home-theater systems;
DTV systems/receivers; peripherals, including remote controls, 3-D glasses and
keyboards/mice/monitors, plus one-time battery replacement for laptops; connection
cables/electrical cords; and customer-owned modems and routers.

The plan offers three-day repairs guaranteed. Products will be
fixed and returned within three business days of being received at a repair
facility, or for in-home service, an authorized technician will be on site
within three business days of the initial claim call. In the event the
guarantee is not met, the customer will be refunded the cost of the service fee.

“We are excited to support DirecTV with this valuable new service
offering, providing consumers with peace of mind on not only their DirecTV
system but also all the home products that complement the award-winning DirecTV
viewing experience,” said Tony Nader, NEW president and CEO. “This plan fully
encompasses the NEW value proposition, providing DirecTV customers with
industry-leading customer service, repair and service operations that are built
on quality.”