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DirecTV Bows 3D TV Channels With Panasonic

and sponsoring partner Panasonic
formally threw the switch
here last Thursday on the satellite-
TV provider’s first 3D TV
channel suite including “n3D”,
which is a 24/7 linear non-anaglyph
3D channel.

As the exclusive sponsoring
partner for the 3D channels,
Powered by Panasonic is
featured prominently in the new 3D service’s branding.

Panasonic is using the sponsorship
to play up its “end-to-end” 3D efforts,
ranging from new Panasonic professional
3D video cameras for broadcasters, to
3D Blu-ray Disc encoding support for
movie studios, to delivery of some of the
industry’s first 3D FullHD plasma TV
sets and Blu-ray players in stores now.
Programming appears on channels
103, 104 and 105 on the DirecTV platform
and together will feature a mix of
sports, movies and family-centric entertainment at no extra charge on Direc-
TV’s HDTV programming tier.

DirecTV will be presenting content in
1080p resolution, although some content
may be delivered at different resolution
levels, the company said.

DirecTV senior VP Steven Roberts
said channel 103 carries “n3D,” which
offers 24/7 linear programming. Top
programming will be offered initially at
prime time hours. On weekends it will
feature children-oriented fare, switching
to more adult-oriented programming in
the evenings, Roberts said.

Through the month of July, n3D will
carry 3D programming including “Guitar
Center Sessions with Peter Gabriel
and Jane’s Addiction”; “Dinosaurs:
Giants of Patagonia”; “Wild Safari: A
South African Adventure”; and N Wave
Picture’s “S.O.S. Planet,” “African Adventure:
Safari in the Okavango” and
“Encounter in the Third Dimension.”

Channel 104 carries DirecTV Cinema
in 3D, offering pay-per-view content
starting with IMAX titles “Deep Sea
3D” and “Under the Sea 3D.”

Channel 105 carries n3D On Demand,
which currently offers replays of
ESPN’s 3D coverage of the 2010 FIFA
World Cup soccer matches. DirecTV
originally carried ESPN 3D on June 11
on channel 106.

Roberts said DirecTV will emphasize
family-centric content. Supplying partners
include CBS, AEG, Fox Sports,
HDNet, NBCU, Turner, MTV, Golden
Boy Productions and ESPN.

DirecTV will also be among multichannel
video providers carrying the
first-ever Major League Baseball games
in 3D.