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DirecTV Announces Family Tier

El Segundo, Calif – DirecTV said it will offer by mid-April a new “family-friendly” programming tier.

The new DirecTV Total Choice Family package will include more than 40 channels that the programming providers said are “suitable for family and younger viewers.”

The package will include “some of the most popular family-oriented channels like Boomerang, Disney, PBS Kids Sprout, National Geographic and Noggin,” the company said.

In addition, the package will include 12 “public interest channels” featuring religious and science content, including NASA, the National Religious Broadcast Network, Link TV and World Harvest TV.

“We have answered the call from concerned parents and policymakers and have designed a programming package to meet the needs of DirecTV families,” said Dan Fawcett, DirecTV programming executive VP.

DirecTV pointed out that in addition to offering the family friendly package, its service includes free parental locks and limits features on all systems/receivers.

Total Choice Family will be available nationwide for $34.99 a month and will include local broadcast channels and the following channels: Bloomberg, Boomerang, BYU TV, CNN Headline News, C-SPAN 1, C-SPAN 2, Daystar, Discovery Kids, Disney East, Disney West, DIY Network, EWTN, Fit-TV, Food Network, Hallmark Channel, HGTV, HITN, HSN, Link TV, NASA TV, National Geographic Channel, Nickelodeon/Nick at Night East, Nickelodeon/Nick at Night West, Nicktoons, Noggin/The N, NRB Network, Once TV, PBS Kids Sprout, QVC, RFD TV, Shop at Home, Shop NBC, TCT Network, The Science Channel, The Weather Channel, Toon Disney, Trinity Broadcasting Network, Word Network, World Harvest Network, XM Disney Radio, XM Kids.