Directed Updates Viper, SmartStart At CES

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Directed Electronics said it will make two major announcements during International CES and exhibit at booth 1514.

First, it is announcing that its Viper brand has a “new skin,” which includes new colors, a new box design, a redesigned website and a new app.

There will also be a new display program and new Viper graphics for dealers, Directed said, and the Viper model number and part number now match.

It has an updated smaller module with the harness connectors on one side, a slightly larger and louder siren, rightsized harness lengths and external 504D shock sensor.

Second, Directed is showing its SmartStart 3.0 features for the Cloud-connected car. Features include vehicle status, auxiliary channels (control from the home-screenassignable auxiliary channels), and D2D functionality, which reportedly provides installers with faster installation and new features on SmartStart systems.

It also has SmartSchedule, a patent-pending feature that is “part weatherman, part mind reader.”

The SmartStart app will also have a new user interface with tutorial videos added to the help menu.

Directed is also making these additional announcements at CES:

• Innovations Award-winning Xpresskit PKE: an aftermarket passive keyless entry system that allows users to unlock their car doors by walking up to the vehicle, or walking away to lock.

• Xpresskit CM800: an all-inone security, remote start and interface module designed to be compatible with virtually any car on the road today, and compatible with almost all DEI remotes with upgradeable hardware.

• Cobalt Amplifiers from Orion Car Audio. Directed will have additional details at its booth.


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