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Directed Ships Security, Remote-Start App

VISTA, CALIF. — Directed Electronics’
SmartStart remote-start app, previously
available for iPhones, is now available
for BlackBerrys.

The company also began shipping new
two-way security systems in its Viper,
Python and Clifford brands.

The Viper-branded SmartStart app
lets users remotely start or lock and unlock
their cars by pushing a button on
their BlackBerry. Other features include
trunk release and panic or car finder.

Two versions are available: the SmartStart
Module at $299 for users who already own a
compatible Viper remote-start system, and
the $499 SmartStart System for others.

Both versions require a $29.99 per year
service plan, but a one-year service plan is
included with both versions. Mike Simmons,
executive VP at Directed, said
there were plans to launch a SmartStart
solution on the Android platform, although
no specific timetable was given.

The new two-way security systems consist
of two models from each brand. The
Viper 3203 Responder LE will retail for a
suggested $349, while the Viper 3303 Responder
LC will retail for a suggested $399.

The comparable models from Python
and Clifford are the Python 323 and 333
and Clifford 320.3X and 330.3X.

The two-way security systems communicate
back-and-forth with the vehicle, confirming remote commands. The remote on
the owner’s keychain also acts like a security
pager, vibrating or making an audible
tone when the vehicle’s siren is sounding.