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Directed Ships Passive Keyless Entry Device

Vista, Calif. — Directed has begun shipping its Passive Keyless Entry device, first shown as a prototype at last year’s International CES.

The PKE ($199 suggested retail) uses RF technology to let users lock and unlock their vehicles without pressing a button. According to Directed, the PKE is compatible with “virtually any vehicle.” When used in conjunction with the company’s security systems, users can arm and disarm their vehicles as well.

The device comes equipped with two antennas for proximity detection with an optional third antenna, a company spokesman told TWICE, which is designed for use with larger-sized vehicles, such as pickup trucks.

“The antennas form a virtual bubble which from its center measures 4 feet when walking away, the re-arm time is four seconds after the users leaves the proximity bubble, so a total of about six to seven seconds,” he said.

Using the third antenna on larger vehicles will prevent re-arming and subsequent forced disarm when drivers walks around the vehicle to access passenger side, he noted.

Features of the PKE include a proprietary Data-to-Data port for easy installation, an RF pass-through, and the ability to be installed as a stand-alone device.