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Digital TV Sales Surge In 1st Half

With June numbers in, the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) now reports total first half factory sales of digital television product units to be 874,919, besting the same period in 2001 by 89 percent. Factory dollar volume for the category reached $1.5 billion, up 75 percent from the first half of 2001.

The industry saw 169,272 factory sales of digital television products (up 86 percent from a year ago) and factory dollar sales of $294,404 in the month of June (up 85 percent), according to CEA.

The DTV numbers include integrated sets and monitors displaying active vertical scanning lines of at least 480p, and in the case of integrated sets, receiving and decoding ATSC terrestrial digital transmissions.

CEA projects that 2.1 million DTV products will be sold in 2002; 4 million in 2003; 5.4 million in 2004; 8 million in 2005; and 10.5 million in 2006.