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Digital Projection, Stewart Train Azione Members

Kennesaw, Ga. — Digital Projection (DP) and Stewart Filmscreen joined forces to conduct training for Azione Unlimited (AU) buying group members at DP headquarters, here, last week.

The two-day residential training focused on increasing the knowledge of front- and rear-projection technologies, and bringing attendees up to speed on new technologies, products and solutions from both companies.

Twelve integrators participated in the training conducted by Ken Eagle of DP and Jim Groover of Stewart Filmscreen. “This educational opportunity is just another way AU continues to arm its dealers with the tools to reap higher profits,” says Richard Glikes, president of AU.  “We are proud to provide our members with monthly webinars, free conferences and training experiences such as this to give them an edge in their market.”

Ken Eagle, training and consultant support manager for DP, said, “Successful A/V integrators do not become successful because they win a sale, but rather by the effort they spend learning, training and honing their skills to be ready when the business opportunity presents itself.”

He added, “This week several successful integrators came together with Azione, Stewart Filmscreen and Digital Projection to further enhance their knowledge and selling skills in two-price projection systems. This was a great event and an excellent example of how we can all benefit by working together.”

Jeff Keup, operations manager of HomeTronics in Dallas, commented, “I found the training very informative.  It was a learning experience to be able to see the Stewart screen materials side by side and be able to witness the differences in the materials. Jim Groover of Stewart and Ken Eagle of DPI were extremely informative about their products, two piece video, LED Video and the future of 4K video.”  

Groover of Stewart Filmscreen added that the company’s “membership in Azione continues to create opportunities for us to share ideas with some of the finest integrators in the industry. Our training collaboration with Digital Projection explored profitable projection solutions and challenged members to create unforgettable experiences for their clientele.”