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Digital Prints, Camera Unit Sales Up In May

Jackson, Mich. — The imaging industry continued to grow in both digital print volume and digital camera sales in May, according to the Photo Marketing Association and The NPD Group.

The volume of digital prints jumped 34 percent for the year, ended May 31. Leading the pack was online ordering, which grew 80 percent for the prior year. Prints at kiosks climbed 42 percent; prints made at a retail minilabs grew 34 percent; and prints made at home experienced 15 percent growth, all during the survey period.

Retail printing continued to enjoy a lead over home printing, accounting for 47.8 percent of all photo prints made through the 12 months. Home printing accounted for 38.7 percent of photo printing activity and online orders mailed back to consumers’ home accounted for 12.1 percent.

Within the retail segment, 14 percent of digital prints were made on a kiosk, 23 percent were input into a kiosk and sent to a minilab or were made directly on a minilab, Ten percent were uploaded online and picked up in store.

On the capture side, digital camera unit sales grew 4.6 percent in May but dollar sales fell 5 percent, according to NPD.

Over 90 percent of digital cameras sold in May were 6 megapixels or above, while the share of cameras at 7 or more megapixels climbed 73 percent vs. the same period last year.