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Digital Innovations Item Allows Gamers To Talk Smack Whenever

GameDR Smack Talk from Digital Innovations is designed to let users express themselves by interjecting audio clips of choice into gameplay on command. The company can be found at South 4 36159.

Press the appropriate button and a user’s favorite movie one-liner (“Go ahead, make my day”), music clip (“We are the Champions”), bodily function sound (think whoopee cushion), or any other five-second insult or sound effect plays in-game as well as through a headset.

This cookie-sized gaming accessory plugs into the headset jack at the bottom of the Xbox 360 controller and has its own headset jack to permit game play to proceed with the usual verbal interaction. It comes with five preset sounds ranging from an evil laugh to crowd applause, each with its own button, plus the option to replace those clips with custom sound bites.

If a users wishes to record his own voice, he dons the Xbox headset, hits the record button on the Smack Talk device, and speaks through the headset mike while pressing one of the Smack Talk play buttons. If downloading MP3 sound clips, a user plugs the 1/8-inch stereo patch cord that comes with the unit into your Apple iPod, other MP3 player, DVD player or PC for line-in recording.

The Smack Talk can accommodate five audio clips of up to five seconds in length. All sounds are stored on the device’s flash memory and saved even if a battery change is needed.

The GameDR Smack Talk runs on three AAA batteries (not included) and has a suggested retail of $29.99. It is currently available.