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Digi-Frame Cultivates High-End With 17-inch Frame

New York – While a raft of new digital picture frame products have recently hit the market targeting a sub-$300 price point, manufacturer Digi-Frame is targeting the high-end display market.

The company is currently shipping its 17-inch wide format DF-1710 for a suggested retail price of $1,799.

According to Digi-Frame president, Joseph Truchsess, the company is targeting the high-end market, which includes upscale consumers, art galleries and other businesses like realtors and even funeral homes.

The DF-1710 features a 12GB hard drive, CD-ROM drive, hand held remote and will playback MPEG 1 and 4 video, MP3 music files through internal speakers as well as load HTML pages and, naturally, digital image files on its LCD display. The display features 2048 by 1024 resolution and includes a handheld remote, gold tone frame, black matte and anti glare acrylic cover.

The company had sought the lower end of the market as far back as 2001 with its DF-57 that sold with a $299.99 suggested retail price, but Truchsess said the market wasn’t ready. The DF-57 was phased out in favor of a fully featured model with more business appeal.

‘It’s difficult to produce this type of product at those consumer price points,’ Truchsess said. ‘We want to be the Rolls Royce’ of the category.

To that end, the DF-1710 also features 802.11 connectivity through a USB adapter, as well as internet/Ethernet connectivity to remotely manage the content on the frame.

Truchsess said the company plans to release a reduced feature version of the  DF-1710 with no networking capability ‘soon’ but has no immediate plans to tackle the lower end of the market.