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Digeo Offers Moxi Payment Options

Kirkland, Wash. — Digeo said Wednesday it is offering a new “flexible payment option” on the purchase of its Moxi HD DVR.
Starting this week, consumers can choose from three payment options, available through PayPal, as follows:

  • one payment of $799;
  • four monthly payments of $199; or
  • 20 monthly payments of $39.95.

In a statement announcing the plan, Digeo said it “believes firmly in a single price for its HD DVR without requiring monthly service fees … but the company also recognizes that people may prefer to pay over time in increments, especially in the present economic environment.”

The company added that Moxi’s single price — whether paid all at once or in increments — “is a better value than the comparable TiVo HD XL.”

Digeo said the new payment options are available in all but 13 states and the District of Columbia, due to legal restrictions.

“If consumers respond favorably to the payment options, Digeo will work to secure approval for the plan in all states,” a Digeo spokesperson said.