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Digeo Moves Moxi Retail Launch

Seattle — Cable TV set-top systems developer Digeo said late Wednesday it will not make the previously planned “pre-holiday” launch date for retail and online sales of its Moxi multiroom HD digital media receiver (DMR), and is now targeting an early 2008 introduction.

Mike Fidler, Digeo CEO, told TWICE that “while we are certainly disappointed about this, we want to make sure our first entry into the retail space is one that delivers the best consumer high-definition entertainment experience possible.”

The new Moxi multiroom HD DMRs will incorporate an advanced Moxi menu to find and access a wide range of multimedia entertainment content through cable services and Internet partners. The system will employ thin-client receivers that can be deployed in different rooms in a home to access content from the central DMR via IEEE-1394 via coax connections.

“As you know, while using the latest and greatest technology means the consumer gets a more future-proofed product, it also requires a little more work,” Fidler said.