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Digeo Delivers Expanded Apps To Retail HD DVR

Kirkland, Wash. – Digeo today released a firmware update for the retail version of its Moxi HD DVR for digital cable TV systems, offering six key feature enhancements, adding various levels of Internet delivered content and in-home networking capabilities, said Greg Gudorf, Moxi Digital president.

“We are making good on our promise from CES to bring a lot of new features to the Moxi HD DVR and keep pushing the user experience to show just how good of an experience we can create for Moxi consumers,” Gudorf said.

The features include:

·         MediaLink, which is Digeo’s name for Digital Living Network Alliance (DNLA) 1.0 certification capabilities, enabling links through the Moxi user interface to content stored on connected PCs and other devices on the home network elsewhere in the house.

·         PlayOn, which is a software application from Media Mall Technologies that installs on a PC and runs in the background to allow DLNA connected devices to stream Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and other Internet video through the Moxi user interface. The software, which sells for $40, is being made available free to Moxi HD DVR owners.

·         Real Networks’ Rhapsody, which will stream music from the Rhapsody music channels through the Moxi HD DVR for background music or straight listening. It will also link to a Moxi photo service to offer background music for slideshow presentations. Those with regular Rhapsody accounts will also be able to connect to those accounts through the set-top box to access play lists.

·         Mosaic, which is a new add-on application for the previously announced Flickr capability on the HD DVR to present Flickr online photo albums in a full screen mosaic of photo thumb nails to help users rapidly search for and locate photos.

·         MoxiNet, which is an application expansion that allows set-top box owners to keep bookmarks for their favorite Web pages in addition to the pages offered in the wall garden assortment that launched with the device.

·         eControls, which is a sampling of a developing feature application that will allow control of Z-Wave-enabled electrical appliances and A/V equipment through the Moxi onscreen user interface. The first implementation offers basic commands including on, off, volume up, volume down, and mute but Gudorf said the capability will be expanded in the future to reach more devices with a greater range of command options. The system will also recognize and control IP cameras installed in the house to monitor activity where ever a camera is installed. Z-Wave lighting systems can also be controlled and dimmed using the new feature.

Gudorf said the company has had good early results since the first $799 Moxi retail HD DVRs went on sale through exclusive launch partner

He said Moxi is now entertaining plans to expand retail distribution through more retail accounts.

The retail HD DVR features 500GB of hard drive capacity (75 hours of 1080p HD), a uni-directional multi-stream CableCARD for use through any digital cable service in the country, powerful user interface that integrates content selections from the cable service, Internet sites and in-home networks, dual HD tuners, no monthly equipment service fees, automatic upgrades and remote web and mobile browser scheduling.

The system will also soon be compatible with a number of Switched Digital cable systems across the country.