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Dice: OEM-Integration Kits Compatible With iPhone 5

 Hauppauge, N.Y. — Dice’s MediaBridge and Universal 200 OEM-integration kits work out of the box with Apple’s new iPhone 5, the new iPod touch and nano, and older iPhones upgraded with iOS 6, Audiovox announced.

The Audiovox Driven by Dice kits don’t require the use of Apple’s eight-pin-to-30-pin adapter because the kits accept digital audio via USB from the new Apple devices and from previous iPhone/iPod generations, the company added. Apple’s new iPhone 5 and new iPod Touch and Nano dumped their predecessors’ 30-pin connector port for an eight-pin Lightning port that sends out audio only in digital form. The 30-pin ports delivered audio in both analog and digital form to aftermarket head units.

Dice’s $299-suggested MediaBridge kits deliver factory-head control of an iPod, iPhone, SiriusXM satellite-radio tuner, other-brand MP3 players and playback of music files stored on USB drives. The kits also add hands-free Bluetooth and stereo Bluetooth with AVRC control to factory systems.

The MediaBridge kits also enable select OEM Bluetooth-hands-free systems to control an iOS 6-equipped iPhone’s Siri Voice Control feature, delivering voice control of song selection and providing hands-free speech-to-text conversion and text-to-speech conversions for hands-free texting. Drivers can also combine MediaBridge and Siri to launch an iPhone’s music apps and other apps such as navigation.

MediaBridge kits are compatible with select models of Acura, Audi, BMW, Honda, Infiniti, Lexus, Mini, Nissan, Scion, Toyota and VW vehicles.

Dice’s Universal 200 kit at $169 is a hardwired FM-modulator kit that connects a USB thumb drive, iPod/iPhone or satellite-radio tuner to a factory FM radio. It comes with its own remote control.

The company is still testing Silverline Duo OEM-integration kits to see if they are iPhone-5 compatible. Those kits add a satellite-radio tuner and iPod/iPhone to an OEM sound system.