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Dice Delivers OEM Interface For Sirius, iPhone

Signal Hill, Calif. – Dice has begun
shipping its Silverline Duo interfaces, enabling control of an aftermarket
Sirius tuner and a connected iPod or iPhone from a vehicle’s factory radio
controls, touchscreen controls, and steering-wheel-mounted controls.

Various Silverline Duo modules are available
at a suggested $189 for select Toyota, Lexus, Scion, Honda, Acura, BMW, Mini,
Nissan and Infiniti vehicles.

With the module, a Sirius SC-C1
tuner (or select Sirius transportables) and an iPod/iPhone can connect
simultaneously to a factory radio.  The
module will also charge the iPod/iPhone. With a no-cost firmware upgrade, the Duo’s
satellite-radio port can be turned into an aux input to connect other types of
portable music players or smartphones to the factory system via 3.5mm analog
input. The 3.5mm connection, however, doesn’t charge the connected device or
enable operation of the player from the factory controls.

Forthcoming firmware upgrades will
enable the Duo to control selected Internet radio apps that the company
demonstrated at International CES. The firmware will enable the factory head to
command and control the apps and display music information on screen when
connected to an iPhone. To display music data, the factory head must be

 An optional IR remote is also available.

DUO uses balanced audio technology,
factory-radio impedance correction, ground isolation and
low-harmonic-distortion parts to maximize sound quality, the company said. The
module’s audio output levels can be matched to the factory system level through
the embedded setup software.