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Diamond Case Offers 2nd TV Clunker Event

Anaheim, Calif. – Home theater installation company Diamond Case
Designs will offer its second Cash For Clunker TV e-waste recycling event from
10:00 a.m.-6:00 p.m. PST, Dec. 17-18, at the


offices here.

The program was designed to provide cash discounts toward the
purchase of new eligible model EnergyStar TVs.

Founded in 1991, Diamond Case specializes in the design and production
of home theater systems, offering furniture, electronics, installation and
training under one roof.

As flat panel TVs come down in price, Diamond Case said it has
seen an increase in the number of customers replacing their old analog TVs with
new digital ones.  To simplify the
responsible process of discarding the old products, Diamond Case has partnered
with All Green Electronics Recycling to recycle and re-purpose the old TVs.

All Green guarantees all items to be recycled will be done in
accordance with their Zero landfill policy and will not ship anything overseas.

Arman Sadeghi, All Green CEO said, “All types of e-waste
(electronic waste), including cell phones, laptops, computer monitors, and
televisions can be recycled responsibly so their hazardous products do not end
up in landfills.  Additionally, we never
send material overseas for processing in order to guarantee the most stringent
recycling standards.”

The Diamond Case “All-Green, Cash-for-Clunker TV Recycling Event”
invites the public to drop off old electronics and get up to a $1,000 cash
trade-in value on the purchase of a new eligible EnergyStar 4.0 compliant
digital TV model.

 EnergyStar 4.0 TVs adhere
to strict power consumption guidelines established by the EPA, requiring less
than 1 watt of power be consumed by a set in standby mode, while most use no
more electricity during operation than two 100 watt household light bulbs.

The average operating cost of the new TVs is about 17 cents per

Diamond Case said it will also make pick up and new set drop-off
appointments for people with sets that are too big to be easily transported,
providing the person lives within 30 miles of the offices.

Specially priced TVs offered through the event are only available
from Diamond Case and the discount vouchers are valid through December 18 or
until funds run out.

The “All-Green, Cash-for-Clunker TV Recycling Event” will take
place at Diamond Case Designs, 655 N. Shepard St, Anaheim, CA, 92806. 

To receive a list of the eligible TV models and their discounted
prices, call (800) 616-5354, e-mail

[email protected]

, or visit their
website at