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D&H’s Green Portfolio Grows By 50%

Harrisburg, Pa., – D&H Distributing reports its “Go
Green” initiative promoting environmentally friendly technologies has grown by
more than 50 percent in its second year.

D&H now offers more than 6,300
green-certified products. This increase in the distributor’s total portfolio of
ecologically conservative products is up from approximately 4,000 in January
2010 when the D&H Earth Day promotion was first launched.

Since that time, D&H has
sold 10,133,265 eco-conservative items overall.  Green certified products are defined as using
less power, incorporating renewable resources, being Energy Star – or RoHS
(Restriction of Hazardous Substances)-compliant, or having some other
ecologically-conservative attribute.

In addition, the distributor’s Engaged Recycling program
demonstrated significant success since its 2010 inception, providing
opportunities for dealers, retailers, resellers and installers to repurpose or
safely discard electronic equipment.  This offering was conducted in conjunction
with the Engaged Recycling company, a developer of simple, safe and smart trade-in
and recycling solutions. 

D&H hopes the increased
availability of “green” products and the growing prevalence of eco-friendly
policies in the supply channel has been driven in part by awareness efforts
such as the Go Green initiative.  After
all, the more popular and profitable green merchandise proves to be in the
marketplace, the more likely that manufacturers will produce more products with
these attributes, in order to satisfy that demand, the distributor said.

“Our goal was to help drive the adoption
of more environmentally responsible technologies, and to make the supply
channel more conscious of conservative practices,” said Jeff Davis, senior VP
of sales at D&H.  “We’re proud that
we could play a role in the success of the widespread endeavor to
promote eco-friendly technology, and that its
influence has only grown over the course of the year at D&H.”