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D&H’s ‘Go Green’ Program Still Going Strong

HARRISBURG, PA. — D&H Distributing’s “Go Green” program to promote the purchase of environmentally friendly products and policies, with benefits for both its customers and its own offices, is still going strong.

Developed in 2010, one of “Go Green’s” objectives is to make it easy for retailers to identify and select green products, communicated throughout D&H’s website and through additional customer communications.

D&H provided some examples of how the initiative has worked over the years:

• Total D&H “green” products ordered since the 2010 program launched: 39,153,115.

• D&H offers a green product search tool on to help retailers and dealers identify ecologically conservative items.

• The company maintains a “Think Green” link on with environmental stats and information to keep customers apprised of this effort.

• The company offers a refurbishing program that puts existing equipment back into functional office settings.

• D&H has participated in third-party programs through which its customers can recycle electronics and computing equipment.

• D&H recycles warehouse bales of cardboard, pallets, containers, plastic, aluminum and shrinkwrap materials. The company maintains several recycling machines at its distribution centers.

• D&H is implementing 62,729 square feet of U.S.-made PV solar panels to provide energy for its corporate office, here.

• The company has installed motion sensors and automated controls for equipment, lighting, heating and cooling systems at its locations. This includes high energy-efficient T5 lighting in all warehouses and corporate offices, which are 50 percent more efficient than traditional fixtures. Use of virtual and blade servers reduce energy costs as well.

• Shipping uses environmentally friendly methods to reduce waste, including recycled fill materials and optimized box sizes.