D&H Pushes Dealers To Promo ‘March Madness'


Harrisburg, Pa. - D&H Distributing is reminding its retail customers that with the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament set to begin on March 15, it is a great time to promote TVs and other products.

Last year, this event attracted up to 9 million viewers per night, creating a motivated demographic of television watchers -- and an opportunity for retailers to reinvigorate sales of TV displays, according to D&H. 

The distributor said it offers a full portfolio of high-def technologies for retailers and dealers, including LED, LCD, 3D and IPTV displays. 

In addition, D&H is reminding retailers to cross-market other electronics and appliances ranging from touchscreen tablet PCs that viewers can use to log scores, to gaming consoles, home-theater systems and small appliances. 

"It's our goal to identify opportunities for dealers to score new business, and to provide a versatile enough selection to fill those needs in one place," said Rob Eby, purchasing VP of D&H.  "At a moment like this, when new ultra-thin designs, HD technologies and IP-ready interfaces are creating a buzz in the market, March Madness can get consumers excited enough to make that big-ticket TV upgrade."


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