D&H Predicts Winning Products For Holidays And Beyond

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Harrisburg, Pa. - Mobility, Internet-capable TVs and motion gaming systems will be among the top sales drivers this season and next year, D&H Distributing projected.

The North American IT and CE distributor also sees 3D displays, notebook and tablet computers, fresh gaming titles and wireless memory cards for digital cameras as big winners for the holidays and into 2011.

"We've always been focused on steering our dealers toward opportunities," said senior sales VP Jeff Davis. "It's been an invigorating year, with various up-and-down trends and predictions, from 3D to Google and Android to IP-enabled media ... We invest in a variety of technologies that show potential as trends arise, and make them available to our customers to give them an edge."

Other growth areas identified by D&H include iPad accessories and other tablet PC-inspired add-ons, and 3D displays in computers and gaming devices, including Toshiba's A665 3D laptop and Nintendo's forthcoming 3DS.

Specific products with potential include Pogoplug's personal cloud device, which gives the consumer access to content from their home network from any location with an Internet connection, and Ooma's home VoIP phone box, which facilitates free, HD-quality calls without any carrier involvement.

Now in its 93rd year, D&H ships out of five separate locations in North America, including its U.S. headquarters in Harrisburg and its Canadian headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario.  Additional U.S. warehouses are located in Atlanta, Chicago and Fresno, Calif. For more information call D&H toll-free at (800) 340-1007 or visit




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