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D&H Outlines ‘Go Green’ Policies, Programs

Harrisburg, Pa. — D&H Distributing reported on Earth Day that its “Go Green” ecological programs and policies are reaping positive results, including new internal projects that aid in conservation.

The distributor said it has sold nearly 10 million units of green-certified products per year, aggregated across the three years that D&H has been tallying numbers for these products, amounting to 28,449,298 green items sold since 2010. The inventory of merchandise that qualifies as “green” has also increased steadily over the years, the distributor said.

D&H recently completed an installation of 62,729 square feet of solar panels adjacent to its corporate location, here. The Solar Farm encompasses 3,542 U.S.-made panels generating 245 watts of energy a piece, which is projected to save up to 44 percent annually on D&H’s energy expenditures at that location.

In addition, D&H’s IT department is in the process of “virtualizing” its infrastructure, consolidating 60 virtual servers to run on only 20 systems.  The company’s use of IBM Blade Centers further reduces cooling and energy costs, the company said.

D&H has a roster of existing conservative equipment and policies in place, such as on-site and off-site recycling of paper, plastic, cardboard and wood materials and the Engaged Recycling equipment-disposal program.

The distributor also has motion sensors in all restrooms and storage rooms; logistical software that calculates and assigns the smallest potential packaging for each shipment; upgraded industrial batteries with automatic shut-offs; use of recycled packing materials; and energy-efficient T5 lighting in both warehouse and corporate areas, which is 50 percent more efficient than traditional lighting.

“D&H has been persistent in its application of ecologically conservative policies, which is reflected both in our offerings and within our organization,” said Jeff Davis, sales senior VP at D&H.  “We also have to commend our channel partners for producing and purchasing more products that fulfill these guidelines.”