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D&H Demos, Retailers Rate Ultrabooks

Harrisburg, Pa. – D&H Distributing gave retailers an
early look at five different models of the new Ultrabook laptop format and had
them rank them.

At the D&H Mid-Atlantic Fall 2011 Technology Show,
D&H set up an Ultrabook Demo Zone where dealers, retailers and e-tailers
could test out each of the models on display. Attendees were then asked to rank
the units according to which was most stylish, most innovative, most versatile
and most user-friendly.

 “Our ability to
provide a side-by-side sampling of units this early in the emergence of the
category is a pretty exciting proposition,” said Mary Campbell, marketing VP at
D&H. “We love being able to deliver these unique opportunities to our
customers, along with hands-on knowledge of hundreds of other new
products.  It’s a thank you for their
loyalty and their business.  Yet this
kind of nascent product knowledge helps them grow, which is beneficial for all
of us.”

The distributor said the results were based on attendee responses at the event, not by D&H
Distributing itself.

The models tested were the Lenovo IdeaPad U300s (available),
Asus Zenbook UX21E (available), Acer Aspire S3 (available) and Toshiba Z835
(not yet available).

Most Stylish

1 – Asus

2 – Acer

3 – Lenovo, Toshiba tied

Most Innovative

1 – Lenovo

2 – Asus (by one vote)

3 – Toshiba

Most Versatile

1- Lenovo

2 – Acer

3 – Toshiba

Most User Friendly

1 – Acer

2 – Lenovo

3 – Toshiba