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D&H Debuts UPP, MAP Compliance Tool

Harrisburg, Pa. — D&H Distributing has introduced its Get Authorized program for its customers, designed to reduce the time and labor of the vendor-authorization process.

That’s the process which dealers, retailers and resellers must go through in order to buy products that are subject to MAP, UPP and similar authorization restrictions.

MAP and UPP policies have been instituted by manufacturers in order to keep product margins from dropping too dramatically due to aggressive pricing. D&H customers who wish to sell items covered by these guidelines must undergo a sometimes complex authorization process that, in effect, documents that the dealer or retailer agrees to be compliant, the distributor said.

This usually requires the engagement of an account representative and can take hours or even days. Products frequently subject to authorization guidelines include displays, PCs, storage drives, audio equipment — merchandise that has historically suffered quick commoditization.

With D&H’s new tool, eligible dealers and retailers need only to click a “Get Authorized Now!” button at any point during an online product search or order, and the authorization process is approved instantly.  Customers can view and print a list of the different items covered under each vendor authorization, plus other key policy details, via this method.  D&H customers must sign up for the program on to take advantage, the distributor said.

“Our vendors have been asking us to help them manage their authorization programs, and at the same time, customers who want to sell products under these guidelines have been asking us to make the process easier.  To answer this unique challenge, we devised a totally automated and real-time time process that accommodates both the vendors’ and customers’ needs,” said Jeff Davis,sales senior VP at D&H Distributing.

“The Get Authorized program makes it more convenient for retailers and CE dealers to be compliant, and simplifies access to a greater breadth of offerings,” Davis said.