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D&H Broadens CE Mix For Summer Season

Harrisburg, Pa. — D&H Distributing had added 35 vendors in several emerging technologies to its summer lineup, including LED HDTVs, PC data recovery, GSM-enabled netbooks and consumer VoIP, among other categories.

This is in response to requests from significant retailers and e-tailers in the marketplace who have asked for a

broader range of distribution options, D&H said.

The new vendors were added in the past six months, the distributor said.

“Technology-wise, this is an exciting time. Challenges in the economy often lead to more innovation, and we predict that mobile protocols like GSM and others will take off, creating new business,” said Jeff Davis, sales senior VP at D&H Distributing. “We’re engaged in a strategic effort to broaden our offerings in the consumer electronics and home entertainment markets, especially for the retail sector. We’re proud that our customers are anxious to do business with us over a greater diversity of inventory.”

Here is a list of some of the categories and some of the vendors in each area:

LED HDTV displays: Samsung’s LED HDTV 6 and 7 series of displays.

Automatic PC backup: Clickfree and Rebit are both new D&H partners, have developed network-attached storage drives that automatically back up the user’s files in real time by connecting these small devices to a USB port.

Free VoIP: Ooma is a new D&H vendor that offers a box that plugs directly into the computer to deliver free VoIP phone service for a one-time, flat price. 

USB-direct camcorders: Pure Digital’s Flip Mino HD, Creative’s Vado HD pocket video camera and Aiptek’s HD Action camcorder are part of the lineup.

Digital TV tuners: SiliconDust has introduced the HD HomeRun device, which allows owners to watch, pause and record digital and HD television from any computer on a home network.