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Devium Readies OBDII Kit For Smartphone-Based Head Unit

Springs, Colo. – Startup company


adding OBDII port integration to its planned Devium Dash double-DIN head units,
which use a snap-in smartphone
as their main user
interface and content source.

double-DIN head units will connect by wire to a vehicle’s ODBII port
via a planned kit that will enable the Dash to collect and display vehicle sensor data and diagnose car-system
problems, the company said. The kits will work with existing ODBII smartphone
apps, but Devium is also developing its own app, which will leverage its kit’s
connections to, for example, make use of OEM steering-wheel controls.

The kit will cost $40 to $50 and be available in July.

The first Devium Dash head unit, designed for iPhones and iPod Touches,
will be available in July, followed by a version for select Android phones in
September. The preorder price for the iPhone version is $250, rising to $300 in
July when production starts.

Compatible phones include the iPhone
4 and 4S, Motorola Atrix and Razr, and Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

Initially, the Dash
will be sold online at

, but
the company said it is currently in talks with major online and bricks and
mortar stores.

The Dash features FM tuner, 4×50-watt
Class D amplifier, hands-free Bluetooth, two pair of 2-volt preamp outputs, and
video passthrough to a connected monitor. Dash will come with an included app
to control fade, balance, treble and bass via
the phone’s touchscreen. Users will also be able to designate their top five app to
appear in landscape mode for viewing on the go. The product’s FM tuner will
automatically switch over to a radio stations’ streaming audio when a loss of
signal occurs.