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Denon Expands A/V Feature Sets

NEW YORK — Denon is adding HDMI
1.4a inputs and outputs and HD audio decoding
to all 10 new A/V receivers (AVRs)
for the 2010 model year at suggested retails
ranging from $249 to $1,999.

With the 10 new AVRs, Denon will
be offering its first AVR at prices less
than $299 and will reduce its opening
price point for HD Radio to $599 from
$1,499, for networked AVRs to $999
from $1,499, and Audyssey DSX to $999
from $1,999.

HD audio decoding previously started
at $349.

In other A/V developments, Denon:

• Expanded its selection of universal
Blu-ray players to four from two,
bringing the opening prices of Blu-ray/
DVD-Audio/SACD players down to
a suggested $399 and $799. The new
$399 DBP-1611UD and new $799 DBP-
2011UDCI will also be the company’s
first Blu-ray players to play 3D Blu-ray
discs when a firmware upgrade is available
in the fall.

• Expanded the network capabilities
of its Blu-ray players with the launch of
the two universal models. Both are the
brand’s first BD players to stream audio,
video and photos from a networked
PC and to stream video content — not
just BD-Live content —- directly from
the Internet. The new DLNA 1.5-certified models connect directly to the Internet
to stream Netflix movies and You-
Tube video.

• Expanded device connectivity to
more home-control systems with the
announcement that 13 current and new
products have been certified to integrate
with Control 4’s IP-based homecontrol

• And Denon has upped its warranty
to three years on custom-install (CI)
series AVRs.

In A/V receivers, HDMI 1.4a repeater
inputs and outputs will pass through
all 3D formats, including all broadcast
3D formats, mandated in the 1.4a standard.
The 1.4a outputs of all AVRs but
the new $249 model also support HDMI
1.4’s Audio Return Channel (ARC).

Pro Logic IIz post processing
appears in all new AVRs down to a
suggested $349, like last year. The
technology adds two height channels
to a 5.1- or 7.1-channel system. Audyssey
DSX, now starting at $999 instead
of $1,999, expands to four models,
including two carryover CI models.
DSX adds two front-height and two
left-right wide channels to a 5.1- or 7.1-
channel system and appears in the
new $999 AVR-991.

Ethernet connectivity to stream
PC content and Internet radio starts
at $999, down from $1,499. The SKU
count remains at four. The networked
models also access the free Pandora
Internet music service and the Flickr
photo-sharing site, joining the Napster
and Rhapsody music streaming services
available in the previous lineup.