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Delphi To Supply DEI/Wingcast Systems

Vista, Calif. – Directed Electronics announced that Delphi Corp. will supply telematics hardware for aftermarket products to be sold under the DEI family of brands starting in the first quarter of 2003.

As announced in January, Wingcast, Ford and Qualcomm, will be the network supplier for the DEI products. These will initially be car tracking systems designed as add-on products to existing DEI security systems. The car trackers will be the first to operate on the nationwide CDMA cellular network, the company reported.

DEI expects the car tracking systems will be offered through its network of 6,000 dealers with live demos to be offered at the January CES. No pricing for the systems has been determined at present.

The car trackers produced by Delphi will work with DEI ESP security systems which are up to four or five years old, and will also be compatible with Clif-net systems, said Jim Jardin, DEI’s marketing director of emerging technologies.